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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Aston Villa  (Luettu 85446 kertaa)
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Poissa Poissa

Suosikkijoukkue: Ilir Zenelin mustat alistajat

Vastaus #250 : 30.03.2020 klo 01:45:30

Rai rai rai!!! Jackilla ei ole kasetti kestänyt karanteenia, vaan baanalle on pitänyt päästä. Taitaa tulla vähän penalttia yhdestä jos toisestakin suunnasta?

EXCLUSIVE: Police investigate after images emerged showing Jack Grealish next to smashed up £70,000 Range Rover that had crashed into parked cars in Birmingham
*Police are seeking out the driver of a Range Rover that crashed into parked cars   
*Images circulating on social media claim man resembling Jack Grealish was near
*The authorities say they were called to the incident at 10am on Sunday
*They added that the driver of the car left his details before leaving on foot


Poissa Poissa

Suosikkijoukkue: Ilir Zenelin mustat alistajat

Vastaus #251 : 30.03.2020 klo 12:33:01

Jack ei ole muistanut turvavälejä nyt ollenkaan

The 4x4 was said to have reversed from a designated parking bay, across a road and gone into a parked silver van, leaving it with a dented bumper and smashed rear lights.

Witnesses said the Range Rover then drove 200 yards, veering on to the pavement and careering into vehicles including a £30,000 silver C-Class Mercedes, and a £20,000 blue Merc.

Grealish’s vehicle also collided with iron railings in front of an estate agency.

It was left parked on double yellows in front of flats, with damage to the rear and debris scattered nearby.

Grealish was alleged to have boasted to motorists he would pay for the damage.


Poissa Poissa

Vastaus #252 : 25.04.2020 klo 22:15:09

Villassa on päästy sopuun säästöistä.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic the thoughts of everyone at Aston Villa are with those families suffering loss and the incredible NHS staff who are risking their own safety to help so many others.

 The club remains fully committed to serving our local communities through the Aston Villa Foundation and we want to help and ensure our people and our resources can be put to use while we are not playing football.

 Consequently we have made all our facilities available to the multi agencies working so hard to protect people during this time of national emergency.

 I am pleased to announce today measures to protect the livelihoods of our precious staff and their families.

 First-team players, first-team coaches and senior management have all agreed to defer 25 per cent of their salaries for four months to assist the club during this period of uncertainty with a further review taking place at the end of this period.

 During the two seasons since Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens rescued Aston Villa they have supported and funded the rebuilding of the Club with a huge level of personal financial investment.

 They are continuing to provide substantial funding which, combined with these significant salary deferrals, enables Aston Villa to confirm that all non-football staff - full and part time - will be retained and paid in full throughout the lockdown. There will be no furloughing of staff.

 Our players and staff feel great solidarity with the many clubs in the football pyramid who have financial problems and we believe it is right and proper that the Premier League as a whole takes action on its finances collectively to enable it to be able to continue to provide vital funding throughout the game in England.

 Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save Lives.

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